iPad Secure Mounting Solutions

Introducing the iPad Wall Bracket, a safe, secure, and convenient way to mount your iPad for a hands-free experience. The stylish and slim design is specifically constructed to match the look, shape, size and feel of your iPad, no matter what version you have. The compatibility kits make it easy to make these brackets compatible with any version, from the 2, 3, 4  and iPad Air. The aluminum front panel provides a nice finished look, and measures at a mere 0.81 inches for a sleek look.

You have the option to choose between the exposed or hidden home button, depending on what you require. The hidden button prevents you from selecting applications aside from the one needed, and the exposed button provides you with easy access to the application you want. In addition, the power button blocker prevents you from accidentally turning the unit off.

Our secure iPad wall brackets features a hex screw that helps avoid theft, and the Allen key is all that’s needed to open and lock up the front panel of the bracket within seconds. The Key Lock version is ideal for maximum protection.

In addition to the wall mounting bracket, you can even get your hands on our desk stand and angled wall attachment, which securely attaches the iPad to a wall, desk or counter. The 45 degree angle allows your iPad to be easily viewed from all surfaces.

Configure your iPad wall bracket in a horizontal or vertical manner, giving you the advantage of personalizing it to suit your screen. This configuration can easily be switched from one to the other.

The iPad wall bracket is specifically designed to allow your iPad to be charged while mounted, thanks to the power/charging cord. The cable runs directly from the back of the bracket to the wall. A charging cable and extension cable are options to allow you to reach more remote areas.