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Stabilization: Recording Higher Quality Video with Your iPhone or iPad

These days, everyone seems to be using their smartphones or tablets in place of an actual video camera for shooting videos. While the image quality is often highly comparable to high-tech video recorders on the market, an issue that often arises is the shaking and wobbling while shooting video footage. Regardless of the type of footage being recorded, stabilization is crucial. In this case, using specific equipment may be called for to create better footage.

Here are some accessories available to you to help you shoot much smoother images and develop better quality video.

Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4 – This accessory is totally worth the $150 price tag. It’s lightweight (about 5 lbs) and highly versatile. This stabilizer helps you shoot extremely steady shots, even while moving about. All you have to do is mount an iPhone on top of it and you’ll take awesome walking shots. It may take some getting used to, but you’ll notice a marked improvement in your mobile video after a while.


Glif Tripod Mount and Stand – This stabilizer for your iPhone 4 and 4S is a steal at $20.


Black Universal Bracket Adapter Mount – Cosmos hit the jackpot for selling this gem, which is priced at a mere $5.99, and will still hold your device steady.

iKlip – This $40 stabilizer is geared towards musicians who are looking to mount the iPad onto a microphone stand, but it will also work on any type of light stand.

Iklip For musicians

Iklip For musicians

Owle mCAMLITE – This accessory helps to steady your hand while you’re shooting with your iPhone, which nearly eliminates the need for a tripod for $160. This tool also comes with four inputs for tripods, and a “cold shoe,” – a mount that allows you to plug in an external light. You’ll also benefit from an external wide-angle lens that expands the point of view.

iPhone DSLR Mount – For $250, you can plug your Canon or Nikon lens onto your iPhone to obtain wide angle, ultra-zoom, and sharp images.


Tournez Tripod/Mic Stand Mount – This tool will mount any current iPad model utop a microphone or tripod stand, which makes it useful to have if you like recording video with your iPad.





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