Transform Your Old iPad into Your Kitchen Tablet

With new Apple models coming out every few months, older models need to be put to work or risk becoming totally obsolete. If you’re upgrading your iPad, don’t automatically trade your old one in just yet. Put it to work for you by dedicating it as your kitchen’s go-to tablet. With all the kitchen-friendly apps out there that help to organize grocery lists, find new recipes or plan meals, it’s sort of a no-brainer to turn your old Apple tablet into something else, like an indispensable tool for your kitchen.


Flexible or Permanent Mounting

If you’re the type to need to move around with your iPad, then consider installing a portable stand. Keep in mind, however, that your iPad should never enter any areas where splashing and splatter are imminent, such as the sink area or the stovetop section. iPads are vulnerable to damage from such splashing, so consider placing your portable stand outside of these areas.

If you know just where you’d like your iPad to be situated at all times for easy access, then consider screwing in your iPad mount into the wall or cabinet. This is a good idea if you plan on using your iPad to play music or videos while cooking, or if you don’t need to check the screen every 2 seconds when following a recipe.

Vogel’s RingO Holder and Wall Mount provides a protective backing for your iPad that easily clips onto an O-shaped wall mount. If wall space isn’t plentiful, the Original Kitchen iPad Rack offers a permanent cabinet mount that offers an ideal way to give your iPad a permanent, safe spot. However, the actual iPad tray can still be lifted out of the screwed-in brackets for a little more flexibility.

Various fridge mounts are also available, such as Belkin’s Fridge Mount or the FridgePad Magnetic Refrigerator Mount.


Protect It

The kitchen is definitely one of the messiest rooms in the entire house, which is why keeping your iPad protected at all times is crucial. Even though mounts that can put your iPad high up and further away from the counter and stove, there’s still a good chance that accidental splashes and splatters will make their way to the tablet. Even your dirty, greasy fingers can wreak havoc on your tablet. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep your iPad protected in the kitchen.

Protective sleeves fit snugly over your iPad to waterproof it. They are thin, thereby not obstructing the iPad in the majority of mounts and stands. Examples of such sleeves include the Chef Sleeve and Locksaks. Of course, you could always just fit your iPad into a ziploc bag for a cheaper version of these sleeves.


Filtering All Your Apps

Over the course of your iPad ownership,, you’ve probably accumulated a ton of apps that are taking up space in the device’s memory. Now that you’ve transformed your tablet into a kitchen tool, it’s time to reset it and get rid of anything that isn’t food related.

Instead, stick to apps that are relevant to the kitchen environment, such as Allrecipes, The Photo Cookbook, and Food Network’s In the Kitchen cookbook apps. Appetites is great for visuals: this free app features video recipes to enable you to see just how a dish is prepared. iCookbook has taken the most clever approach: it features voice controls to navigate through recipes without having to use your hands.

In addition to cookbooks and recipes, there are apps that help you keep your kitchen and shopping list organized. Apps such as the Fridge Police help you keep tabs on what things your fridge needs, and what you can get rid of. Shopping List is another great app that helps you keep track of your grocery list, and can even sync across all of your iOS devices.

Turning your old iPad into a dedicated kitchen tool is a great way to breath new life into it.